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 Treatment Clinic Team

Highly-trained, licensed, and experienced professionals, our Treatment Clinic team is dedicated to providing exceptional treatments with the best possible care. No matter if it’s your first treatment or one of many, our team will be with you every step of the way to advise, support and make sure you receive the best results possible.


 Mahrun Zecevic 

Owner - L.E. - PMU

I started this practice because I also suffer from a medical condition that triggers hair growth in addition to my hereditary traits. Who can better relate to you than the person who's also gone through the process themselves?! I want to make sure all clients go through the most comforting sessions. At Zap Beauty you will have the most up to date and tailored treatment for your needs. I am also an advisor for students in training at the school of Electrolysis. 

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Jessica Horn

Aesthetic Nurse Injector

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